Learn to be there for yourself as well as for others! Nurture Yourself First: Gentle Steps in Personal and Planetary Transformation provides inspiration and gentle, powerful steps for accessing your natural self-compassion, resilience and heart-centered wisdom so essential for thriving in today's world.

Give yourself permission to live in more light!

Give yourself permission to live in more light!

Far beyond occasional pampering, nurturing your multi-dimensional self is now critical for joyful, purpose-filled living.  Nurture Yourself First shows you how to share and care and climb your personal mountains without depleting yourself.  Doable strategies can help you erase anxiety, drop overwhelm, bounce back from burnout, and release people-pleasing.

As you learn to observe, accept, forgive and love all aspects of yourself, inch by inch you consolidate your transformation.  As you create space to live and love in fulfillment of your purpose, you naturally extend your personal empowerment to broader circles and uplift many others as we move forward in an age of living love.

Nurture Yourself First is now available through my publisher, Balboa Press, as well as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and book sellers everywhere.

"I am sharing some tools. You have the power to use them. I hereby give you permission to nurture yourself first for a change."  In 158 pages, I offer seeds of love and wisdom from my experience, and I encourage you to grow these seeds in your own wonderful ways.

I know the stress walk.  I traveled the Super Woman path -- doing and doing until my health crashed.  I know what it's like to keep achieving in a super stressful job, maintaining a home and marriage, attending grad school, struggling with finances, and on and on.  I learned the hard way that I absolutely must take care of myself first.  Only when I am in balance can I give to others without depleting and harming myself.

Nurture yourself and let yourself blossom.

Nurture yourself and blossom.

Self-nurturing heals.  Through chronic, debilitating illness and multiple wake-up calls, I finally got the message. I spent years learning to nurture myself.  Since then, I have shared my self-nurturing strategies with many clients, students and workshop participants. Hundreds report fabulous changes.  You can too.

I invite you to a gentle process of discovering and living in the real inner you -- that center of love, peace and joy that you would like to experience more often.

I challenge you to take charge of your life in the most loving way, and to take your next steps with more ease, grace and fulfillment.

Get my book, and join me here in a continuing process of awakening to a more loving self and a more caring world. Be the change!

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Enjoy the living love, self-nurturing ride!

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