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Ilenya Marrin, DSS | Joy of Small Adventures

Joy of Small Adventures

29.6.2015 | 01:41

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Catching Up

Since I started this blog about two months ago, life has continued at a fast pace.  I drove eight hours each way and visited my mom for a few days.  I completed teaching one psychology class and set up and taught two more in an intense one-month format.   Each of these projects included many tiny delights — from missing the floods in Dallas by hours, to meeting thirty of Mother’s friends and appreciating how much they love her,  to the always bittersweet semester ending, to mastering new technology required for my latest classes.

Book Revision

I have almost completed a major revision of my book and am much closer to publication! My direction is exciting!  I can almost taste the success of my forthcoming book!  When I take even a few moments to capture a random thought for the manuscript, I am aflame with purpose to help other women create more ease and grace in their lives!

I continue my personal self-nurturing practices and especially delight in inner spiritual experiences of loving and upliftment. Those intangible adventures help me to restore myself daily more than anything else!

My husband and I have enjoyed marvelous Wichita Music Theater performances.  Last night was My Son Pinocchio, a magical event indeed.  We recently hosted the final meeting of my Artist’s Way group for a shared meal and laughter-filled evening.  I’ve also visited two state parks for be-nice-to-myself afternoons.

Instagram and Windy Lake Cheney

Thanks to my young friends, I started posting on Instagram.  I am not glamorous, but I like sharing my small adventures like the wind at my back at Cheney Lake Reservoir.  I suspect that on most days, Kansas has enough wind to fuel the country if we could harness it all!  Why did I not see a thousand sailboats on that lake?   Instead I saw Canadian geese teaching their young to navigate the flooded coves. I walked by roads washed out and campsites under water.  I drove home on county roads through small communities with lovely old brick homes and churches.  Kansas may be flat, but treasures abound!

Delight in Noticing

Yesterday, my husband wondered why I typically prefer surface streets for my jaunts around town.  He likes the speedier freeways, even if the route is a little longer!  But just as I like poking around on country roads to explore a state park or a farming community, I enjoy seeing what is all around me in my town.  I take note of interesting homes, gardens, garage sales, stores, alternate routes.  I miss all that on the freeways.

Driving surface streets, I now know, is one small way that I nurture myself.  I delight in noticing small details — a fountain in one of the many small lakes dotting Wichita suburbs, or a golden parade of day lilies marking a property line from curb to back fence.  Or seven bicycles piled by the front porch of that yellow stone house for sale.  For brief seconds, I smile inside and wonder where this family plans to go next.

How Do You Nurture Yourself?

How do you nurture yourself on a daily basis?  What brings you joy in the hum-drum moments when you are managing your home, chauffeuring kids or running errands?  When you are at work?  What delights you?  What uplifts you?  How can you enjoy more of these small magical moments?

What would happen if you made a conscious choice to create or discover more awareness of the beauty, grace and goodness in your life?  Or simply the amazing variety in your environment?  Would you have a bit more inner peace?  Would you allow your well-spring of loving to bubble up freely?  Could you have more resilience when interacting with others?

Your Self-Nurturing Challenge

I challenge you to find at least five joys in the midst of your ordinary activities, every day for the next five days.  Have fun!



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