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Ilenya Marrin, DSS | Nurture Yourself by Flowing with What Is Present

Nurture Yourself by Flowing with What Is Present

20.4.2016 | 02:39

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Flowing is easier than swimming upstream!

Flowing is easier than swimming upstream!

Juggling Life in the Flow

As I juggle publishing two books, building a new website and blog, home maintenance, marriage, pets, friendships, frequent visits with my elderly and fragile mother in Texas, and nurturing myself, I have cherished a new loving intention: flowing.  For the past year, I have been discovering that when I go along with what is unfolding in my life, everything works better.  I stay peaceful.  I manage to care for myself as well as handling my priorities.

Cooperating with Life

When I cooperate in the moment with what needs to be handled, somehow all the important stuff gets done and I still make time for me.  Usually my time for me is early in the morning, but that too is flexible.

Today, just as I left for several appointments to take care of myself, I asked my husband to keep an eye on Agate, one of our fifteen-year old cats.   I had a sense that she was not feeling well.  Half an hour later, he called while I was in the allergy doctor’s office to say he thinks Agate has a urinary problem.  So I called the vet and made an appointment for tomorrow, cutting into my usual morning writing time.

A few years ago, I might have fretted about loss of my creative time, feeling stressed and out of balance because of needing to squeeze in a veterinary visit.  But I have discovered and now trust that these unexpected events work out just fine in the long run.  Maybe I will stay up a bit later tomorrow evening and write, or maybe I will receive floods of creative ideas in the wee hours of morning and scribble in the dark to transcribe later.  Or maybe Thursday morning will be exceptionally rich with creative work.  This business of writing, of letting creativity flow, is quite an adventure anyway!

Flowing in Inner Peace

I think I am more at peace because of my intention to flow with what is present.  Flowing, allowing myself to cooperate with what is needed right now, keeps me centered in the moment.  Remembering my intention of flowing helps me trust that I am cooperating with a larger purpose than that of my ego’s agenda.  I know at a heart level that I do not need to be “in control.”  I do not need to feel frustrated or stressed.  (There are certainly times that I forget and do experience moments of stress, but they are getting shorter and farther between!)

Sunrise in my back yard, and I am doing spiritual exercises to nurture myself at the deepest level.

Sunrise in my back yard, and I am doing spiritual exercises to nurture myself at the deepest level.

How to Nurture Yourself with the Intention of Flowing

If you want to experiment with an intention of flowing, here are my suggestions.

  • Claim flowing as a loving intention from your heart center.  Move to that space of love and compassion within you and declare or intend that you are flowing with your world or your universe.
  • Be open to discover what flowing means in your life.
  • Remind yourself of your intention. When you start feeling stressed or worried, tell yourself, “I am flowing with what is present.”  (Sometimes I simply remember, “Oh, yeah, I’m flowing with all of this!” and I start to giggle instead of stressing out.) Take a deep breath and imagine yourself gently going with the flow of events, cooperating in a loving and caring way.
  • Include nurturing yourself. Remember that the flow of your life always includes time for caring for, encouraging and supporting yourself.  In addition to handling responsibilities, you can flow into sleep or a long walk, a special half hour for meditation, a creativity break, or a fun afternoon at the movies.
  • Observe your experiment. Look at flowing as a gentle experiment in loving for yourself.  As you give up “being in control,” observe whether you gain the fluidity of expanded consciousness.  Watch for how you gain compassion for yourself as you dance with life instead of flailing against seeming obstacles.  Note how you allow the larger you, the authentic, heart-centered you, to choose your path.  See if you learn and grow with more ease and grace than before.  What else do you observe in your experiment of flowing?

As you experiment with these practices, please feel free to ask questions, or to comment and let me know how flowing or other strategies for self-nurturing work for you.

Love and Light,




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