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Ilenya Marrin, DSS | How to Change the World Today

How to Change the World Today

27.9.2016 | 03:09

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Be the Change. Love yourself ruthlessly! You’re the only one inside your skin.  Discover how to make the most of who and what you are, right now, today.

Light after the storm.

Light after the storm.

Nurture yourself — your many levels of consciousness and facets of expression.  Drink water. Eat another vegetable. Go to sleep earlier. Meditate for a bit. Spend a few minutes with your journal. Talk kindly to yourself. Forgive your self-judgments. Listen to your inner self. Love the sabotaging part of you. (Yep! It works.) Write out your heart’s desires.

Such simple steps will create gradual change in you, who are an integral part of our world. In short order your transformation will impact others in a positive way, gently rippling the world into more a more loving consciousness.

For example, when I think of our upcoming elections, I could move into worry and fear, as I see so many people on both sides of the fence doing every day.  I prefer to look with curiosity and wonder, thinking that whoever wins in all the different races, we still have a ton of work before us as a nation and as a world.  I wonder how we, individually and collectively, will choose to deal with the various challenges that we face.

I have no doubt that we will continue on as a people. But will the polarization and conflict increase dramatically for a while? Or will we be pulling together harmoniously, working to overcome division and conflict?

Either way, there will be changes.  There are always changes.

Nurture yourself a little bit now, and let your light shine brighter.

Nurture yourself a little bit now, and let your light shine brighter.

Holding My Vision: As part of my self-nurturing, I like to focus on how I can hold steady in a loving consciousness, make the best of my life, maintain health and balance, and assist others through creativity and sharing my experience.  I read my personal vision statement most mornings, to remind myself of where to focus.

Self-Nurturing Creates Balance. Early in the morning on 9-11-01, I had been doing spiritual exercises and happily planning my doctoral research.  I listened to an uplifting audio as I drove to work.

Once I arrived, a distraught social worker said, “You are too happy, you don’t know what is happening.” She updated me.  Throughout that day, dozens of people trickled through my office.  Although I keenly felt the devastation, I was somehow balanced enough to provide solace and support for others.

Self-Nurturing helps you hold steady during times of seeming chaos. When you do not give in to the craziness, the fears and judgments in your environment (personal or global) you become a beacon of light for others.  When you nurture yourself in many small, simple ways, you turn up the wattage and make space for your light to shine.  You assist others in the most natural and gentle ways as they find their next steps forward.

How could you best nurture yourself now?

How could you best nurture yourself now?

Reflection:  Where do you need to apply more self-nurturing in your life?  What is one simple thing you could today and for the next few weeks to be kinder, more supportive, more encouraging to yourself?  Are you willing to become the change?




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