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Ilenya Marrin, DSS | Ice Storm

Ice Storm

16.1.2017 | 01:19

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Ice on the young river birch in our back yard.

Today slid by in slow motion.  A mild version of the predicted-for-two-days ice storm arrived, coating trees with frozen water, dripping icicles in many shades of winter. I did longer than usual spiritual exercises. The dogs never got their walk.

When my husband called me to come and see, I watched four short videos of The Piano Guys on YouTube, including their take on Frozen, with a white cello and white grand piano in a snow-filled scene. Brrrr. I read about how to heal wounds without antibiotics, using poultices and teas, then made Irish Stew with quinoa instead of barley, for an early dinner.

Layers of ice in the woods and the nearby trees.

A friend from California just called to see if we are okay as Wichita’s ice storm accidents have made national weather news. We have not even had the television turned on. Blessings of Light for the highest good for all who have been negatively impacted by the ice here and everywhere!

There was a time when I would have chafed at the inactivity, but I count this day as satisfying, nurturing, a day of rest and restoration.  By morning, the ice will be gone and life as usual will resume. That is soon enough for me!

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