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Ilenya Marrin, DSS | Faces of Living Love # 2

Faces of Living Love # 2

10.8.2017 | 00:03

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My photography class made an excursion to Keeper of the Plains, a scenic plaza at the junction of the Arkansas and Little Arkansas Rivers near downtown Wichita.  Rich rewards emerged in the following photos and brief stories.  Each of my subjects radiated love and caring!  These are street portraits, with the knowledge and agreement of the subjects.

Ed Partridge, 85, served in Korea just after the war there ended. He walks most nights with his neighbor Joy and bubbles with optimism.


Joy shared her life story as well as her elaborate tatoos. She grew up with an abusive father, who taught the children to hate. Much later in life, she says, “I had to learn to love.” She enjoys walks with her older neighbor Ed.

Mohammed, an electrical engineering student at WSU, helps his younger sisters with photos at Keeper of the Plains. All but Zainab speak excellent English.  They studied for a while in the Detroit area before coming to Wichita.

The eldest, and first to arrive at WSU, Mohammed takes guarding his sisters seriously. He learned English in his native Saudi Arabia.

Wadeah, the middle of three sisters, pursues a degree in biomedical engineering with her sister Fatimah.

Fatimah, the eldest girl, enjoys biomedical engineering classes. Eventually, she will make artificial, computer enabled limbs for amputees.

Zainab, the youngest, just graduated from high school in Saudi Arabia and is visiting her siblings in Wichita,

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