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Ilenya Marrin, DSS | The Joy Quotient

The Joy Quotient

6.1.2018 | 22:24

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Do What Brings You Joy
Since I have been hearing this advice inwardly for several months now, one of my intentions for this year is to do what brings me joy. I am asking myself each evening, “What brought me joy today?” Here are my lightly edited answers so far.

Loving, Listening, Laughing
1/1/18 Looking across our dining table and loving Alf with such gratitude and contentment.  Though he is kind and generous and funny, I was not thinking of any particular qualities, just feeling the warmth of deep loving, welling up from some central place in my being.

Thirty years together is a joy!

Sharing with my beloved spiritual sisters in our book club call. Listening. Prizing. Encouraging. Reframing. Delighting in the intimacy and vulnerability as well as the blossoming of each one of us.

Laughing at the ice-breaker comments at a party this afternoon.  Connecting briefly with two old friends and a new one with great delight.  Soul sisters all.  And listening to Alf read his heartfelt prayer to be of service.

The Ordinary and the Divine
1/2/18 This morning early, waking to an indescribable moment of spiritual inner awareness.

Getting out in the sunshine, with temps from 15-25 F, and running errands.  Easy adjustments of my spine. Talking with Alf at dinner about having people over for conversation, heartfelt discussion to bridge polarities, and feeling his support.

Ordinary and Divine Moments of Joy

Under Cover Moments
1/3/18 Communing in Spirit in the early morning hours.  Then, snuggled under the covers, hoping for a few more moments of rest, hearing Alf on the phone, observing how he made himself available to assist a young friend and the profound caring and wisdom he offered her.

Tears and Satisfaction
1/4/18  Talking with Alf at Los Compadres and seeing with humor and compassion his watery eyes and red face when he bit the really hot jalapeno. He made jokes while he was hurting. I loved his never-say-die attitude!

Reading a collection of the best articles from 2017 in a supplement to the New York Times.  Several brought tears of compassion, others wry thoughts.  The joy comes from sharing deeply felt stories of others.

Handling my budget and bills, knowing where I stand, brings satisfaction and quiet joy within.

Maybe the joy is always present and I am talking about what makes me feel happy.  Or how I choose to experience happiness.  I will observe this further.

1/5/18  Having my old friend and former colleague call!  (She got my every-few-years belated Christmas letter.) I drove around and around on quiet residential streets charging my phone as we talked.  I felt so happy to share my life, to hear about her life and set an intention to talk more often. Later, more joy in sending an email encouraging her art, and one to another friend on possibilities for helping a child.

Joy Like a River
My conclusion thus far is that joy is not random. Joy like a river runs through my days. I am capturing highlights in hopes of discovering where to focus my energy and activity on this oh-so-human level of shared reality on Planet Earth.  More observations to come when I feel like it!  Yours in joy,


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