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Ilenya Marrin, DSS | Putting Away My Cell Phone

Putting Away My Cell Phone

20.4.2019 | 21:02

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My husband has been irritated by cell phones for years, has one but seldom carries it, and earlier today sent me this link. I read it and agree in general with the writer.

Especially when he says,
“I’ve noticed that as the years go on, it’s becoming harder for me to sit down and write an article like this than it was three or four years ago. And it’s not just that the amount of available distractions have compounded over the years, it’s that my ability to resist those distractions seems to have worn down to the point where I often don’t feel in control of my own attention anymore.

“And this kind of freaks me out. It’s not that I resent the woman at the gym who can’t go 10 minutes without checking her messages. I resent that I am becoming that person at the gym who can’t go 10 minutes without checking his messages.”

So I am putting my phone away.

I am challenging myself to do something different.

I have already been cutting back, and get reports from my phone that my usage is down. I see this as a way to take care of myself, to nurture myself, to let myself be available to be present in the moment for things I am doing in real time with real people.

What This Means

What this means is I will not be texting encouraging messages to you. I will only respond to emails about once a day, from my computer.

I will check phone messages once or twice a day, but unless we have previously agreed on a call at a certain time, I will not have the ringer turned on. I will not call you while I am driving, “to save time,” or take a call while driving. If we are going to meet up at a large event, let’s make a plan for a landmark and a time, like we used to do.

I will go back to MapQuest or the like for directions to new places. Or rely on my inner navigation system, like I used to.

Not Quite Cold Turkey

Two uses I am unwilling to give up are the phone and its ability to get help in an urgent need, call home if I am late, or call AAA while traveling, and the camera.

As a woman who often travels solo, I value being able to connect with help. Yes, even with GPS directions is I get myself lost.

And I love capturing quick and easy photos while I am out and about. Or catching our three greyhounds in unbearably cute or compromising positions. The iPhone camera is much easier and more powerful than the small Instamatic type I used to carry, and much easier than my DSLR.

Just In Case
So I will have my phone in the bottom of my purse. In its case. Just in case. Keeping the phone handy for these two purposes may make temptation for other uses strong. But I am unwilling at this point to go “cold turkey.”

I will report back in a month and let you know how I am doing!

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