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Sparkle Juice

I seldom make frozen orange juice but I wanted a cup of it last week for a recipe.  I had lots left over! How to use it up? One reason I do not make it often is I find it too sweet to drink. I froze some in two ice cube trays, so I am…
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Kansas Good: Melissa Dixon

  A Mover and Shaker in Hays Melissa Dixon plunges into her passion for creative connections every day as Executive Director for the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) in Hays, Kansas. Dixon started with a degree in Fine Arts specializing in Graphic Design, and spent over fifteen years helping small businesses with marketing needs in…
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A Greyt Heart Moving On

Disguised as Ordinary Disguised as an ordinary woman, in a pleasant home on a normal street in unpretentious Derby, Kansas, Pat Bozeman has changed the lives of at least 11 greyhounds, and her volunteer work has touched hundreds of two-legged friends. Her dancing eyes are the first clue that all is not as it appears.…
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Putting Away My Cell Phone

My husband has been irritated by cell phones for years, has one but seldom carries it, and earlier today sent me this link. I read it and agree in general with the writer. Especially when he says, "I’ve noticed that as the years go on, it’s becoming harder for me to sit down and…
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Joy Journal

Joy CheckIf you are allergic to joy, please click away from this post immediately, for I am aiming to share mine. The following words may trigger various emotions if you are susceptible!  If you can handle gentle and good feelings, read on! Finding My Joy ThemeFor months I have been wanting to blog more but…
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How a $29 Mouthguard Increased My Inner Peace

A Life of Neck and Shoulder PainEver since fifth grade I have struggled with neck and shoulder tension, with burning, aching sensations and rock hard muscles. I have seen chiropractors regularly since my thirties, have had massages, done yoga, meditated, used an inversion bed, a foam roller, a theracane, and made numerous attempts to relax…
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A Life Well-Lived

Visiting a 98 year old friend who was my mom's best friend for many years brought back memories and emotions. And immense admiration for Mildred Kitchens. She is in her sixth assisted living facility, counting one for rehab after surgery and one after a more recent problem with a fall. This one locates her closer…
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Ordinary Good, the Magic of Words and Journaling

  Ordinary Good My dear friend John-Roger used to say “Ordinariness is next to godliness.” I did not know quite what that meant, but it resonated and stuck in my consciousness. Now, it gives me hope, since my life has never seemed dramatic or unusual, but certainly full of ordinary moments of grace. Here is…
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The Joy Quotient

    Do What Brings You Joy Since I have been hearing this advice inwardly for several months now, one of my intentions for this year is to do what brings me joy. I am asking myself each evening, "What brought me joy today?" Here are my lightly edited answers so far. Loving, Listening, Laughing…
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Faces of Living Love # 2

My photography class made an excursion to Keeper of the Plains, a scenic plaza at the junction of the Arkansas and Little Arkansas Rivers near downtown Wichita.  Rich rewards emerged in the following photos and brief stories.  Each of my subjects radiated love and caring!  These are street portraits, with the knowledge and agreement of…
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