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Ilenya Marrin, DSS | Sparkle Juice

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Sparkle Juice

9.7.2019 | 19:16 | Read article

I seldom make frozen orange juice but I wanted a cup of it last week for a recipe.  I had lots left over! How to…

Kansas Good: Melissa Dixon

5.7.2019 | 19:49 | Read article

  A Mover and Shaker in Hays Melissa Dixon plunges into her passion for creative connections every day as Executive Director for the Convention and…

A Greyt Heart Moving On

16.5.2019 | 18:38 | Read article

Disguised as Ordinary Disguised as an ordinary woman, in a pleasant home on a normal street in unpretentious Derby, Kansas, Pat Bozeman has changed the…

Putting Away My Cell Phone

20.4.2019 | 21:02 | Read article

My husband has been irritated by cell phones for years, has one but seldom carries it, and earlier today sent me this link. I…

Joy Journal

8.4.2019 | 00:20 | Read article

Joy CheckIf you are allergic to joy, please click away from this post immediately, for I am aiming to share mine. The following words may…

How a $29 Mouthguard Increased My Inner Peace

15.3.2019 | 01:19 | Read article

A Life of Neck and Shoulder PainEver since fifth grade I have struggled with neck and shoulder tension, with burning, aching sensations and rock hard…

Ordinary Good, the Magic of Words and Journaling

14.4.2018 | 21:36 | Read article

  Ordinary Good My dear friend John-Roger used to say “Ordinariness is next to godliness.” I did not know quite what that meant, but it…

The Joy Quotient

6.1.2018 | 22:24 | Read article

    Do What Brings You Joy Since I have been hearing this advice inwardly for several months now, one of my intentions for this…

Faces of Living Love # 2

10.8.2017 | 00:03 | Read article

My photography class made an excursion to Keeper of the Plains, a scenic plaza at the junction of the Arkansas and Little Arkansas Rivers near…

Faces of Living Love #1

29.7.2017 | 01:01 | Read article

  I’m Back First, I am back after a long break.  Most of February, March and early April I stayed in Texas with my 97…

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