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Ilenya Marrin, DSS | A Prayer of Remembrance

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A Prayer of Remembrance

16.2.2017 | 20:22 | Read article

  Sometimes inspiration comes unexpectedly.  I awake at midnight or in the wee hours with words to share. This time it was for a dear…

Time to Be

16.2.2017 | 18:58 | Read article

Slowing Down Is Self-Care Spending time with my beloved 97-year old mom has helped me slow way down for the past two weeks.  She often…

How to Meditate Part I: Introduction

31.1.2017 | 23:18 | Read article

  Helpful Hints This is a series of posts originally called Helpful Hints for Meditation, updated from my earlier website, My desire to share…

Winter Wonders

15.1.2017 | 23:14 | Read article

  Wednesday I had to get out of the house!  I’ve had a very painful rib out of place for about a week and I…

Grandma, Embroidery, Poop Bags and Nurturing Focus

30.11.2016 | 02:19 | Read article

What do these topics have in common with Self-Nurturing? With helping you if you are a go-getter who needs to let go?  A caregiver who…

The Cat Who Taught Me to Nurture Myself

13.10.2016 | 18:23 | Read article

A Nurturing Discovery Recently, I have nurtured myself by clearing out old files, freeing up space and energy. Happily, I found yellowed copies of articles I…

Nurture Yourself First: Midnight Reflections

10.10.2016 | 01:43 | Read article

Health, Wealth and Happiness Wide awake after and inspiring evening of Beethoven at the Wichita Symphony Orchestra, I reflected that regardless of national and global…

Completions to Nurture Yourself

11.8.2016 | 18:36 | Read article

Clearing My Desk Yesterday, my to do list said, “Clear desk.”  That meant, complete some old business, things I had put off during a month…

Date Yourself to Regenerate!

8.6.2016 | 19:23 | Read article

Need a Break? Do you ever just have enough of being with other people?  Maybe you are an introvert and naturally need quiet time alone…

Behind the Scenes with a New Author

10.5.2016 | 00:20 | Read article

  Taking Care of Myself in the Publication Phase Other authors have told me that writing the book is only the first part of a long equation…

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