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Ilenya Marrin, DSS | How a $29 Mouthguard Increased My Inner Peace

Inner peace

How a $29 Mouthguard Increased My Inner Peace

15.3.2019 | 01:19 | Read article

A Life of Neck and Shoulder PainEver since fifth grade I have struggled with neck and shoulder tension, with burning, aching sensations and rock hard…

Ice Storm

16.1.2017 | 01:19 | Read article

  Today slid by in slow motion.  A mild version of the predicted-for-two-days ice storm arrived, coating trees with frozen water, dripping icicles in many…

Date Yourself to Regenerate!

8.6.2016 | 19:23 | Read article

Need a Break? Do you ever just have enough of being with other people?  Maybe you are an introvert and naturally need quiet time alone…

Nurture Yourself by Flowing with What Is Present

20.4.2016 | 02:39 | Read article

  Juggling Life in the Flow As I juggle publishing two books, building a new website and blog, home maintenance, marriage, pets, friendships, frequent visits with…

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