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Ilenya Marrin, DSS | Sparkle Juice

Recipes & Cooking

Sparkle Juice

9.7.2019 | 19:16 | Read article

I seldom make frozen orange juice but I wanted a cup of it last week for a recipe.  I had lots left over! How to…

Nurture Yourself with Cocoa Spice Tea

11.4.2015 | 00:34 | Read article

Delightfully self-nurturing is how I feel each time I mix and drink my Cocoa Spice Tea.  This is fun, tasty and good for you. I created…

Streamlining Maintenance Activities for Success

5.2.2012 | 02:50 | Read article

I spent much of today cooking, so I won’t have to cook much next week. It will simplify my life, allowing more time for things…

Keeping Your Cash — Savvy Savings for Students

19.7.2010 | 01:02 | Read article

Several of my current students are doing experiments on money management — always a hot button for students! I thought I’d share some of my…

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