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Sparkle Juice

I seldom make frozen orange juice but I wanted a cup of it last week for a recipe.  I had lots left over! How to use it up? One reason I do not make it often is I find it too sweet to drink. I froze some in two ice cube trays, so I am…
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Nurture Yourself with Cocoa Spice Tea

Delightfully self-nurturing is how I feel each time I mix and drink my Cocoa Spice Tea.  This is fun, tasty and good for you. I created this treat for myself because I recently read that cocoa helps rev up your metabolism, prevents cravings for sweets, is good for the lungs and decreases inflammation.  But mixed with…
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Streamlining Maintenance Activities for Success

I spent much of today cooking, so I won't have to cook much next week. It will simplify my life, allowing more time for things I value during the week. Therefore, I declare today a giant success! In only a couple of hours, I roasted a 10 pound turkey (from my freezer, bought on special…
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Keeping Your Cash — Savvy Savings for Students

Several of my current students are doing experiments on money management -- always a hot button for students! I thought I'd share some of my favorite frugal tips because I've learned over many years that paying attention to the littlest savings can add up big over time! Let these tips inspire you to find small…
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