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Ilenya Marrin, DSS | Putting Away My Cell Phone

Self-nurturing strategies

Putting Away My Cell Phone

20.4.2019 | 21:02 | Read article

My husband has been irritated by cell phones for years, has one but seldom carries it, and earlier today sent me this link. I…

Ottmar Leibert! Gehsundeit!

7.12.2016 | 02:19 | Read article

Today, my husband Alf entered Jimmy John’s to grab a sandwich, recognized the guitarist on their piped-in music, but couldn’t place the name.  As he…

Grandma, Embroidery, Poop Bags and Nurturing Focus

30.11.2016 | 02:19 | Read article

What do these topics have in common with Self-Nurturing? With helping you if you are a go-getter who needs to let go?  A caregiver who…

How to Change the World Today

27.9.2016 | 03:09 | Read article

Be the Change. Love yourself ruthlessly! You’re the only one inside your skin.  Discover how to make the most of who and what you are, right…

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